Posted by: georgeskaff | February 18, 2010

Its Time. Take Your Pants Off

The idea behind this Blog began a few months ago when I got an interesting text  from my longtime friend Brandon Croke. It was fifteen minutes after I had gotten home from a long day at work and Brandon sent me a text that read; “There is no better feeling than getting home from work and taking off your pants”.

I think I read into this text a little bit more than he would have ever expected. 
He and I have always been idea people. We talk about  business plans and new product ideas enough to make Warren Buffet blush. We’ve also been working entry level corporate jobs for six months, and have been loosing our hope and creativity each day.

As most of America waits for our economy to recover there is a group of individuals with the weight of the country on their shoulders. America’s path to greatness was led by entrepreneurs. Brave men and women who dreamed and innovated some of the world’s greatest companies. Apple, Google, Facebook, these are just a  few world changing companies that have risen to star status in the past few decades. In order to remain competitive in the  global economy we must continue to produce some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

This is why we are starting on this journey. Pants Off Entrepreneurs is going to be a three month documented travel blog where two best friends drive the country interviewing big and small entrepreneurs throughout the country who went through with their ideas.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs with battle stories of America’s business frontiersmen. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. We are leaving our jobs, and following our dreams.

We hope you enjoy the journey.



  1. Love the idea. Best of luck and I look forward to following your journey. I took my pants off 2 years ago and forgot where I put them. =)

  2. Can’t wait to see where the tour leads you. Always here to help in anyway I can. Keep the Pants Off!

  3. […] many people out there willing to offer advice and encouragement. One in particular are these guys: Pants Off Entrepreneurs. I admire them for being courageous enough to give up a cushy corporate job and do something […]

    • @lifeofanentrepreneur Thanks so much for the shout out – I look forward to hearing about your journey

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