Posted by: georgeskaff | February 22, 2010

Why is “Quit” a Bad Word?

It’s funny. When I tell people I am “quitting my job”, I get a series of mixed reactions. People that know me well and understand what I am about congratulate me. However most people don’t quite get it.

The "Office"

Look Familiar?

They see quitting as a bad thing and say something like “Oh I’m sorry you don’t like your job” or “What are you going to do now?” There is a certain social awkwardness to quitting, a cognitive dissonance when you tell others “Hey, I don’t love what I am doing”.

As Seth Godin says, quitting for the short term is never a good strategy, but if you are quitting for the long run, you must do it, and do it soon.

My question to everyone out there, is that if you do not love what you are doing, what’s to stop you from changing that right now?

And if  you’re not ready to take action now, then when?


T-minus five days until I officially take my pants off.


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