Posted by: georgeskaff | February 24, 2010

The disconnect between College Major and Career is more prominent than ever…

Today when I was getting my hairs did I struck up a conversation with the lady with the scissors about life in general. Well as we got to talking we got on the subject of work and what I do for a living ect.

I am still very hesitant in responding to strangers and telling them my path:

1. Moved to North Carolina for work

2. Quit my job 6 months later

3. Starting a Venture called “Pants Off Entrepreneurs”

Well I proceeded to tell her anyways, we spoke about following dreams and people not being satisfied with their jobs in general. She gave me several instances of her friends with “great” jobs with “great” companies that absolutely hate these “great” jobs and want out, but they can’t. They feel trapped in what I like to call “Mind Shackles.”  THESE ARE ALL IN YOUR MIND, YOU CAN BREAK FREE.

Now her, on the other hand, explained a little bit about her past. She had went to a great university, she earned a degree in marketing, followed the norm and went out and got a job with a marketing firm, her “dream job.” Well she found out sooner than later that this wasn’t really so much her dream as it was hammered into her head as the “American Dream.”

1. Get a degree

2. Get a 9-5 in something pertaining to your degree

3. Work your way up the ladder

4. Retire when you are 65

But she didn’t do so. She had always had a passion for hair and beauty but it wasn’t acceptable to have a marketing degree and decide to cut hair for a living, but she took off her pants and did it..And has never regretted it since. She gives a damn good haircut too!

Moral to the story: Follow your passions. No matter what they may be.

And I know what you are thinking…how good of a cut does the lady give right?






  1. G’z up! Living the Dream my man. Good luck with everything and I recommend the fo-hawk dude haha!

    p.s. you better be down here in spring b/c im buying a boat!

  2. I hear you Georgie. I have always been what I call a clock counter. When I’m not doing something I am really enjoying or are really involved with I count the minutes on the clock until I can go home and relax. Right now I am coaching lacrosse, which the sport has always been my passion. I find myself writing up plays when I should be doing grad work, and having no idea what time it is or how much is left before practice is over because I truly care about the success of the team.

    I have also recently started graduate classes to become a Physical Education teacher. I had started out as a Phys. Ed. major in college but switched for a few reasons; one being I didn’t think I would make enough money. I have realized that this is something I will be doing for every day until I retire, and the extra money is not worth my happiness for that long.

    I think what it comes down to is life is too short to not be happy. We are all going to spend a great percentage of our adult lives working. You might as well do whatever that is with a smile on your face huh? 🙂 … Looking sharp with the new hair due too my man!

  3. Good story. Well wrote

  4. -Brian – Thanks – you know i’ll be around man

    -BrianLalley – Great story man – keep doing what you love and everything is going to work out just the way you want it to. Keep fightin’ the good fight brother

    Adam – Really appreciate the comment – there will be plenty more to come

    Thanks again for the support guys!

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