Posted by: georgeskaff | March 1, 2010

What would you do if…

You were you told to give a presentation in front of 150 people, with 20 slide  power-point presentation that changed every 15 seconds… and it’s of a presentation you’ve never seen. (actually someone else made the presentation)

This was the task I was charged with last month at Ignite Cincinnati. Ignite is an amazing event that gathers creatives, entrepreneurs, and other cool people under the tagline, “Enlighten Us, but Make it Quick”.

The speech below happened a full month before the Pants Off Blog was born. If you watch through the chaos of the random power point slides the mission and heart behind Pants Off begins to reveal itself.

Check out the next Ignite Cincinnati at the Know Theatre Wednesday, March 3rd. Spread the word, and check out when Ignite is happening at a City near you!




  1. loved every second of that.

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